Attest documents for use in Malaysia

Certify documents issued in over 100 countries for official use in Malaysia

Certify documents issued in over 100 countries for official use in Malaysia

Isarey works across multiple jurisdictions to legalize international documents so that they are valid for submission to Malaysian authorities.

We legalize all types of official documents for use in Malaysia, including identity documents, birth and marriage certificates, criminal record certificates, academic diplomas and corporate documents.

We work locally with certification specialists, notaries, law firms and certifiedMalay and Englishtranslators in over 100 countries, certifying documents for use in Malaysia, including documents issued in:

Malaysia is not a signatory to the Apostille Convention. This means that documents issued in other countries must be legalized first by the authorities of the issuing country (normally the Ministry of Foreign Affairs) and additionally by the local Malaysian embassy or consulate.

If you have documents issued in Malaysia:

Isarey also certifies documents issued in Malaysia for use abroad, including Malaysian birth, death and marriage certificates, diplomas and criminal record certificates. For further information, please see:

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Certified Translation

When documents are written in a language that is not an official language of Malaysia, then a certified translation may also be required. It is important to ensure that the certified translation is valid for use in Malaysia. Translations not done in Malaysia may require separate legalization alongside the original document.

Isarey provides document attestation services to private, corporate and institutional clients worldwide. Our presence in different jurisdictions and our local experience and expertise dealing directly with authorities and embassies in different countries means we can save you time, frustration and money, ensuring that documents are properly prepared so that they are accepted by Malaysian authorities.

To find out about certifying documents for use in Malaysia, use our online quotation form or email us a scan or description of the documents you need to certify. We will get back to you directly with a quotation and details of how to proceed:

6 steps to certify document for use in Malaysia

  1. Upload the documents you need attested or send them to us by email.
  2. Our experts will pre-check your documents to ensure that they are eligible for Apostille certification or consular legalization in the country where they are issued, and we’ll assist you locally in preparing them if required.
  3. We’ll send you a quotation with the total cost of the process (final price including all fees, certified translation when required and courier costs) and an estimation of how long the process will take to complete.
  4. We’ll arrange a secure courier to collect your original documents (where electronic versions are not sufficient).
  5. As soon as we receive your documents, we will confirm your order and proceed with the attestation process. Where appropriate, we will arrange certified copies for the attestation process so that we can return your originals directly.
  6. We return the attested documents to you by secure international courier.

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Substance is used in assessing cross-border tax situations that call into question the level of operational activity and decision-making process that is conducted in a jurisdiction.
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Malaysian firms remain upbeat on business outlook
Business sentiment among Malaysia companies has increased for the fourth consecutive quarter in Q1 this year, according to Dun and Bradstreet.
Rapid technology growth boosts Malaysias gaming sector
MALAYSIA is well-positioned to be the number one player within the vice business among the future few years, following the zoom of technology like computer science and video game.
Kazakhstan, Malaysia mutually interested in bilateral cooperation deepening
Kazakhstan and Malaysia expressed mutual interest in the further deepening of the bilateral political cooperation.

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Get a Quotation for your Documents

We price each certification process individually, depending on the type and quantity of documents to be attested, the country of issue, the country of use and intended purpose, urgency, whether certified translations are required as part of the process and courier costs.

To receive a quote, you can upload your documents using our online quotation form or send us your documents by email. After reviewing your documents and requirements, we will get back to you with a quotation:

If you don’t have the documents available, just describe the documents you need to certify, and we will get back to you with an estimation of cost and delivery times.

Using our quotation form, your documents will be uploaded over a secure connection and immediately encrypted on our server. For added protection, you can upload password-protected files ( PDFExternal link (opens in new tab), Microsoft Office 365: Save a password protected document to prevent unauthorized people from opening it. Office DocumentsExternal link (opens in new tab), WinRAR Encryption Frequently asked question (FAQ) RAR foldersExternal link (opens in new tab)) and provide us with the passwords separately.

PERSONAL DATA: If your documents contain personal data belonging to people outside your household, please ensure that you are authorised to share this data before uploading your documents. If your documents contain sensitive personal data, such as biometric data, medical data or data on criminal convictions, please ensure that you indicate this when prompted, upon submitting your documents. For further information on our processing of personal data contained in uploaded documents, please see:
Privacy Policy (Customer Inquiries)

For further information on confidentiality in our handling of document content please see:
Confidentiality (Client Content)