Attesting Brazilian Documents (FAQs)

Frequently Asked Questions about Brazilian Apostille services

Can Brazilian documents be legalized by Apostille?

Yes - Brazil is a member of the Apostille Convention.

Brazilian documents can be legalized for use abroad with an Apostille Stamp when destined for other signatory countries without additional certification by the destination country.

When Brazilian documents are required for non-apostille countries, such as AE United Arab EmiratesUnited Arab Emirates - TW TaiwanTaiwan - MY MalaysiaMalaysia - TH ThailandThailand - ZM ZambiaZambia - QA QatarQatar they need additional authentication by the embassy of the destination country.

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What types of documents can be legalized in Brazil for use abroad?

Federal, State and judicial documents can be legalized in Brazil with Apostille stamps issued by the National Justice Council (Conselho Nacional de Justiça). These include:

  • Brazil birth, death and marriage certificates
  • Brazilian Criminal record certificates (Certidão de Antecedentes Criminais)
  • Brazilian University Diplomas and Transcripts
  • Divorce certificates and judgements
  • Company registration documents
  • Court documents
  • Trade documents (certificates of origin, commercial invoices, etc.)
  • School and college certificates
  • Medical certificates
  • Sworn translations (Traducao Juramentada)
  • Documents certified by a Brazilian notary, including affidavits and powers of attorney

To confirm whether your document is eligible for apostille authentication in Brazil, please contact us and we’ll check your document free of charge. For further information about our Brazilian apostille services and for assistance obtaining official copies of Brazilian documents, see:
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How long does it take to obtain an apostille on a document in Brazil?

Apostilles for Brazilian birth and marriage certificates, police certificates and other documents take just 1 -3 working days. We can also obtain new criminal background checks and original birth certificates in a couple of working days, although this does depend on the municipality.

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I need an apostille for my Brazilian birth, death or marriage certificate - do I need to provide an original certificate?

If you need an apostille on a Brazilian birth, death or marriage certificate, we can normally obtain a new certificate, so you don’t need to send your copy. With an apostille, the whole process normally takes just a few days, depending on the register office. If you need to submit your certificate in a country where Portuguese is not an official language, we offer certified translations recognised by authorities in Italy, Spain, France, Germany and many other countries.
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I need an apostille for my Brazilian criminal record certificate - do I need to provide an original certificate?

If you need an apostille for a Brazilian Criminal Record Certificate (Certidão de Antecedentes Criminais, we can obtain the certificate for you from the Federal Police (we just need a passport copy and RNE number) and then obtain an apostille. The whole process takes 1 – 2 days. We deliver worldwide by courier.
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How can I obtain an apostille for my Brazilian University Degree and Transcripts?

Isarey can obtain Apostilles on Degree Certificates issued by Brazilian Universities for presentation abroad. Apostilles are normally obtained in 1 - 2 business days. Original or electronically signed digital certificates are needed for presentation in Brazil (we offer collection and delivery oif original diplomas worldwide by secure courier)

If you need a replacement diploma, we can usually obtain a new original from the university, but this can be a lengthy process, depending on the university and their procedures.

Additional procedures and criteria apply when certifying Brazilian higher education documents for presentation in United Arab Emirates and Qatar.

For assistance, see: Certify Brazil Documents

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Where can I see reviews of Isarey's Brazilian Attestation and Apostille Services?

You can see reviews from past clients who have used our attestation and apostille services:

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Do Brazilian Criminal Record Certificates have an expiry?

Brazilian criminal record certificates are valid for 90 days.

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What are the different types of birth certificate issued in Brazil?

Brazil issues two types of births certificate - a Standard Form (Certidão de Breve Relato) and a Long Form (Certidão de Nascimento de Inteiro Teor).

In most cases, a standard form is sufficient. A Standard form certificate lists the full name of the child and of the child's parents, names of grandparents, and the place and date of birth.

However, in some cases, a Long Form certificate is required, especially when presenting to the authorities of Italy and Portugal as part of a citizenship application. The Log Form certificate includes a full reproduction of the information registered in the original birth record and includes additional information, such as the names of witnesses, physical information such as eye colour or distinguishing marks, the grandparents' place of birth, the professions of the parents and citizenship data.

For further information about obtaining certified copies of Brazilian birth certificates and our apostille services, see:
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How can I apostille a translation of a Brazilian document?

After the original document has been authenticated with an Apostille, a translation from Portuguese can be completed and certified in Brazil (tradução juramentada) by an authorized public translator (tradutor público). The translation can then be certified for use abroad with a second Apostille stamp.

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How can I get a quote to certify my documents?

To receive a quote, you can upload your documents using our online quotation form or send us your documents by email. After reviewing your documents and requirements, we will get back to you with a quotation:

If you don’t have the documents available, just describe the documents you need to certify, and we will get back to you with an estimation of cost and delivery times.

Using our quotation form, your documents will be uploaded over a secure connection and immediately encrypted on our server. For added protection, you can upload password-protected files ( PDFExternal link (opens in new tab), Microsoft Office 365: Save a password protected document to prevent unauthorized people from opening it. Office DocumentsExternal link (opens in new tab), WinRAR Encryption Frequently asked question (FAQ) RAR foldersExternal link (opens in new tab)) and provide us with the passwords separately.

PERSONAL DATA: If your documents contain personal data belonging to people outside your household, please ensure that you are authorised to share this data before uploading your documents. If your documents contain sensitive personal data, such as biometric data, medical data or data on criminal convictions, please ensure that you indicate this when prompted, upon submitting your documents. For further information on our processing of personal data contained in uploaded documents, please see:
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For further information on confidentiality in our handling of document content please see:
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